You’re Not On This Planet To Live Someone Else’s Dream By Bob Proctor

Wed, Nov 16, 2011

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What is it you love to do? Don't bother yourself with what anyone else says that's why you're here. As I have already explained, when you're not on purpose, odds are that you're not going to build in the right direction. But equally as important is this: When you believe you've found your purpose, do not allow yourself to be dissuaded by others' opinions  don't allow them to tell you in which direction to build.

Develop Your Own Goals and Dreams

After about five years of working at Nightingale Conant, I landed on an alarmingly great idea I was going to do this on my own.

I wanted to do just what my close friend and mentor, Earl Nightingale, was doing, but I wanted to do it under my own name and with the education and knowledge I'd been personally acquiring over all the years. So, I got a tape recorder you know, one of those old fashioned kinds with the big buttons and the red "RECORD" button. You put the tape in and it click-click-clicks away while you talk into the microphone that kind of thing. And I sat down and recorded my own thoughts on the subject of personal growth.

Guard Against Other Opinions or Views

I needed someone to give me feedback, so I called up a good friend and told him I had a great idea I wanted to share with him. I took the tape and recorder up to his house, turned it all on and well, Joel Goldsmith's phrase "Thunder of Silence" couldn't have fit the situation better. As the tape played on, the pressure in that room became enormous it was his embarrassment for me. I eventually turned the tape recorder off, and mumbled, "Well, it was just an idea."

Don't Give Up on Your Goals

As I was driving back to my house, it hit me: I was letting him steal my dream! This was my DREAM! I wasn't going to let him steal my dream! And that's when it clicked in my mind I can DO this.

Had I listened to him, I would have fallen off my life's purpose. I would have kept obtaining goals and building long-term visions in my head, but I would have been going in the absolute wrong direction.

See, if you're not on purpose, EVERYTHING is off course.

When you have the right purpose, you'll easily develop the right vision.

When you have the right vision, you'll quickly recognize the right goal.


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  • http://www.happinesska.blogspot.com/ Achal Kumar

    It hardly matters what others say about me It’s more matters what I do. If Iam doing right things following law of the land and justice with all I am doing the best, this way I can keep myself happy I am sure.
    Achal Kumar