Why Leadership Activity Is Crucial

Mon, Oct 31, 2011


Leadership is not only a characteristic that it is innate to certain people. It can also be learned through taking part in leadership activities, of which anyone can engage in. The advantage of leadership activities is that they can be exposed to people of all ages from children to adults. It is neither too early nor too late to engage in one.

Benefits of Leadership

There are several benefits that come with taking part in a leadership activity. Firstly, it enables an individual to take an introspective leadership04 300x225 Why Leadership Activity Is Crucial look at them. This allows them to figure out the positive as well as the negative aspects of their behavior. Once an individual can point out their own negative characteristics, it makes it easier for them to know the areas of their persona that need to be improved upon. It is also much better for an individual to pick out these negative characteristics on their own because that way they do not feel like they are being picked on and thus have no reason to become defensive towards the situations.

Leadership Activities

Taking part in leadership activities, which constitute team building exercises, is also beneficial as it enables the individual to have their morale boosted. It also enhances camaraderie within each person. Most organizations will organize for retreats or a day off where all the staff is taken out for team building exercises. When the staff takes part in these activities, they have their confidence as well as their morale developed.

This is beneficial to both the staff as well as the company. An individual who has taken part in a leadership activity will find that they become more confident and gain more networks. This translates to the individual being able to voice their opinion and also articulately express their ideas to their superiors or team leaders. For the organization, having staff that have overcome their stage fright will be bolder enough to face any kind of circumstances. They are also now comfortable enough to speak out leads to a fresh batch of ideas as well as being able to know what is not working for the organization and how it can be remedied.

Leadership Working as a Team

Taking part in a leadership activity gives an individual a better sense of the phrase team work. It tends to instill team building skills to all the people who take part. They also enable the individuals to pick up invaluable organizational skills. It can also positively affect the overall personality of a person. Constant exposure to leadership activities will lead to different aspects of the individual’s personality developing. With time, this could mold the individual’s entire personality to one that is not only stronger but also has a more positive outlook towards life.

Lastly, the most important benefit of taking part in a leadership activity is that it helps an individual hone in some leadership skills. Acquiring leadership skills is akin to acquiring a habit to excel in any field that you may decide to take on in your life. This is precisely what makes leadership activities so important.

By Chris D'Cruz

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