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Thu, Oct 27, 2011

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Goal setting program! "Doorway to success," They say, but check your pockets right now: Are you currently carrying your Big Goal? Is it written down on the skin of a virgin lamb, signed and dated (with time and time zone), notarized under a full moon and laminated with gold leave? Probably not. You instinctively know all that goal setting program mumbo jumbo is a bunch of crap! Sure it works for a few people who are willing to sacrifice everything to achieve their dream, but for most of us, "goal setting" is just too darned complicated and weird. Never fear, I have the smart and easy two step goal setting program solution, and I'll gladly share it with you now.

Goal Setting Program Step One

Simple is good so here is step one of two: Have a goal! It doesn't need to be somebody else's idea of a Big Goal; it does need to be something that you truly want. When you have a strong enough "reason why" then the dread you feel about staring on your goals is goal 300x225 Goal Setting Program  The Easiest Program Everreplaced with delight. As best selling author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" Robert Kiyosaki says, "Without a strong enough why, you'll always be looking for an easier how-to." For any goal setting program to work, you need to be sure the goal you set is something that trips your trigger, lights your flame, keeps you up at night and tickles your funny elbow or you might as well save yourself some time and money, rent a video and chill on the sofa. The right goal will almost compel you forward.

Goal Setting Program Step Two

Every working morning ask yourself, "How can I have fun today while moving closer to achieving my goal?" As soon as you get an answer, go do it. If your goal is to sell a million books but the manuscript isn't ready, reread yesterday's work and try to make it funnier or smoother, then start typing on today's pages. If you want to have a better relationship with your spouse and you haven't purchased her so much as a Twix bar in months, zip over to the store and grab her a snack.

While you're there, get some snazzy wrapping paper and a silly card. If you have the time and energy, try to do five things every day to make your goal real. Working full time on a project with a partner could move you ten steps closer to your goal every day. But seriously, there aren't that many steps needed to achieve most goals. One step per working day will bring you 250 steps closer to success this year. When all you need to do is have fun and keep moving forward, your success is almost certain.

Goal Setting Program Conclusion

Let's not make this goal setting program so complicated that we just sit on the porch while the Big Dogs get all the fleas. Find what fills your heart, have fun, do a little something every day and you will achieve amazing results. Try it now. Don't let another day slip by without doing something to make your dreams come true. Don't spend another day in total drudgery when you can so easily have a little fun along the way. You don't need paper or pen or a journal or a list of 100 lifetime goals. All you need to do is get started. Start now!

About the Author Rodney Robbins is a cartoonist and author with years of front line experience as a quality manager in manufacturing, retail, restaurants and more. He has worked his way up from hourly help to the management suite at several companies and knows what it takes to be successful. Go to http://www.Rodneys52Ways.com for bulk order pricing on his latest cartoon tip booklet.

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